Start Women looking for dating sex china

Women looking for dating sex china

Travels a lot to see the world and understand people and their cultures.

I'm working on growing my dream into a reality.looking forward to bring smiles around Interested in meeting friendly woman who loves perfect conversation and wine with dinner and are passionate about travel, trying new food and things in general.

Send Message Ref ID:1832d843-d2a4-452c-9bff-3ac47600700c We are a group of mature singles, age 40 , hanging out on a regular basis (dining, live music, comedy show, coffee etc).

You won't stop laughing if you around me, at least I won't make you cry, OK!

I am shy and reserve especially whenever I finf myself in a new environment.

Well, although bad luck, we still need to live with hope! :) I know what I want, work hard, work smart and play hard.

Already enjoyed enough night lives and now prefer simple healthy life. Shop only when needs, dress up classy when fine dine, dress causal on causal days.

Hi, I am Sandrine 47,people see me as a beautiful and confident woman....i have a 12 yo son,and a teacher.