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Woman 55 dating poss

Pasta (value bag for 25p) with an onion, some garlic and a carton of passata. If you get any reduced meat you can chuck that in too. I buy the value frozen sausages and actually really like them.

my husband likes big portions (dont they all) but instead of giving him extra now he tends to eat the leftovers which suits him fine!

(i think he almost hopes the kids will leave loads of their dinners though lol im not starving him, he is just greedy!

the trick is to ask them for one item only, say you just wanted some chicken, then they tend to try to convince you to buy more buy saying, ok ill chuck this and this in too for a tenner and then when you agree they say, what about all this for an extra fiver? ) or in a low oven, can be bulked out with dried pulses such as lentils and beans (check whether these need pre-boiling first), meaning your meat stretches further.

and they keep doing this until you really cant carry anymore!! while you are there check out the fruit and veg stalls, most markets have stalls that have bowls of fruit and veg set out and they charge 1 a bowl. and they are usually bigger and better quality too! Tinned ones also work, but are a bit more expensive per meal.

I also make spagetti bolognese, chilli con carne in big volumes then freeze portions for when I need them, you can then add extra tomotoes veg, mushrooms to make it go further. we have a market and there is a 'meat man' you can spend about 30 and get enough meat for a month! the last time we bought from him we spent 40 got 3 big joints of gammon (lovely with chips and peas!

) a bag of really huge lamb chops (about 10 altogether) a ton of bacon (essential for weekend bacon sarnies!

I can fill the slow cooker with quality ingredients for around 5, so it works out at less than 50p per portion.

also, watch the portion sizes and try not to waste anything.

) but i try to think of other uses for things, for example i cooked some chicken drumsticks, there was a few left over so i gave my older 2 kids them for their packed lunches the next day with a corn on the cob that i quickly cooked up.

this meant the meat wasnt wasted and the food they were going to have for lunch was saved for another day.

I make my own garlic butter (minced garlic and butter so easy and cheap) And then slice the baguettes and put the butter in to make my own garlic bread. Much nicer than a cheap garlic baguette and you can put as little or as much garlic in as you like.