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Who is richard kruspe dating

We had that one show that sold out in seventeen minutes and that’s what made the promoters jump at us.

Till, the drummer, was a single father of a little girl at the time, the issue of a short-lived, youthful shotgun wedding--to Richard's current girlfriend. Lindemann," who had never changed her name after divorcing Till, had a child with Richard, the girl also carried the last name of Lindemann.

Richard's relationship with the girls' mother also ended after a short time, and Till and Richard bonded over the parenting of the half-sisters.

He's gregarious, well-spoken in both German and English, a professional showman, and an enthusiastic promoter for the band. The myth is based in complicated facts and figures, including one unconventional love triangle.

In German, his name is pronounced "REE-kard," and in Germanglish, "Reeshard," or "Reesh" for short. Circa 1990, Richard and Till were in a band together (along with future Rammstein rhythm guitarist Paul Landers) with the cheeky name First Arsch.

When you make the show big visually, they get it, they can sell that. The Gauntlet: Was it frustrating being told you couldn't tour in the U. Richard: Well we have a different type of cost involved and we have a lot of people we need to put us on. Richard: We have already paid our dues back in the early days.

That is why a lot of promoters jumped on it and said they can make it all happen. We have a number that we need to match before we can do a show. I am happy to make some money, I don’t have a problem with that.

Both have been married once and divorced, with angry accusations of rampant cheating.

Both of them have experienced childhood traumas and the loss of their fathers in different ways, but Till is close to his mother, while Richard feels rejected by his own.

In my lascivious imagination, Rammstein is a big, hot, polyamorous man-marriage with Richard and Till as the nucleus.

The pair of them are probably the most recognizable and crushed-on members of the band, and they make a nuclear duo.

Till has said in old interviews that the girls' mother became more involved with the children when Till and Richard began touring with Rammstein.