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Who is jerry springer dating

You can’t mix your personal life with your public life, because if you do that, you ruin both.”“If people want to come on the show, I tell them flat out, I would never do it,” Springer says.

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is based around three hopeful daters revealing secrets and flaws by opening suitcases filled with truths and shocking facts about themselves, while hoping to secure a date with a fellow singleton.

When the three contestants are whittled down to one, the prospective dater must reveal a surprising fact of their own.

The US series, which has also been picked up in Australia, has featured contestants with unusual bad habits and embarrassing secrets such as "I share a bed with my grandmother" and "My partner must dress up as Santa Claus".

Patrice spent her early 20s working with at-risk kids for a local nonprofit organization, and she did a little modeling on the side.

“I had just started at a new modeling agency,” she said, “and a photographer asked me if I would be interested in , a heist set in Vegas. She’s an entrepreneur with a clothing line and storefront.

(For a while there back in the last century, he was even beating Oprah in the ratings.)You can call him the Maestro of Mayhem or the Titan of Too Much Information—or his more popular title, the King of Sleaze—but he is much more than that: I think of him as the Thomas Edison of Self-Reinvention.