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Who is danielle unique pastorino dating

Posted in For The Love of Ray J by Reality Tea on April 30, 2009 Tags: Cashmere, Chardonnay, Chicago Larry, Christa Nolley, Cocktail, Danger, Danielle Pastorino, Elizabeth Mendez, Fiesty, Joanna Hernandez, Leah Minor, Monica Leon, Ray J, Sharee Caldwell, Unique Posted in For The Love of Ray J by Reality Tea on April 23, 2009 Tags: Cocktail, Danger, Danielle Pastorino, For the love of Ray J finale, Joanna Hernandez, Monica Leon, Ray J, Ray J and Cocktail, Ray J and Cocktail Update, Unique, vh1 Lasting longer that most reality relationships, seems like Cocktail and Ray J are still going strong as a couple. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out as VH1 has greenlighted a 2nd season of For The Love of Ray J. Cocktail talks about her feelings towards Ray J and being in love with him in her VH1 interview below – What has your communication with Ray been like since the show wrapped? He’s my boyfriend, and the fact that I’m not seeing my boyfriend as much as I’d like to is different from what I’m used to. When I tell my girlfriends that they’re like, “Are you kidding me? The rumor is also that one of the three remaining contestants will quit, hmm wondering who that could be? I’m not an alcoholic, though, and I don’t want to be seen as the alcoholic. You never saw my head in the toilet and I didn’t get eliminated for being a party girl. She continues, “There is no way the baby can be anyone’s but Ray J’s.” Both Ray J and VH1 denied the pregnancy story. Admits to Being A Prostitute – In perhaps the most shocking revelation of all, Danger admitted to having once been a prostitute in an interview she game 2 months ago. This rule might just be what AI needs to shake things up and perhaps help a deserving contestant stay on longer.

That came up on the first episode, and I was like, OK. I was not about to prove to them that I’m this or not that. People can say what they want, but anybody can do a split. She has been accused of being “crazy” by almost everyone on For The Love of Ray J. For example, the judges can decide not to send home the contestant getting the lowest votes.

(more…) The question on everyone’s mind is what is up with Danger? Now that I’ve seen the episode and the bonus scenes and I watched what everyone was trying to do…I mean, I don’t have any hard feelings. The new rule essentially gives the judges the power to veto or overrule the choice of the voters.

We make a point to see each other at least twice a month. He’s on the road and doing stuff, and lately, I’ve been on the road as well, with appearances and whatnot. But that’s not what it is, and I have to take it for what it is. I expected this, but I’m sad now that I’m going through it. It takes someone that I care about to go through with that emotion and show my vulnerability. I kind of just drew the attention away from myself. She talks about her “homie” connection with Ray J, her answers on the lie detector test, plus shockingly denies being a stripper or ever being one which is actually a lie because we have it on good authority that she was once a stripper in Atlanta. I didn’t expect it to be exactly like it was with the cameras in your face every second. What did you think about his assessment that you guys only had a “homey” connection? They can be your friend, you can go to parties and play basketball together, but you can still have a relationship. I do, but at the end of the day, it’s a competition. Was her earlier claim to the National Enquirer a made up lie? But I was a prostitute for about two and half years, and you know I was making alot of money. all this sh-t, you know, nice car, nice place, but it didn’t make me happy,” Danger revealed about her past life. It makes it less of a popularity contest and more of a talent competition.

Ray J is quoted as saying “she’s a lil crazy.” So let’s examine what makes Monica Leon aka Danger so “crazy.” The infamous tattoo – Yes there are not too many people that get tattoos on their faces. This is however a one time privilege meaning the judges can only to this once this season.

I knew that if nobody said anything and I was the first to later on, maybe he’d get to know me a little bit and not eliminate me because I was on another reality show. If people judge me on saying I’m a gold-digger three years ago, so be it. Some girls were more forward than others, but I’m not gonna cling to you and smother you. What do you think about alcohol defining your character? Danger claims these photos were taken when she was 18. Or maybe she said it best when she blogged – “I’m a very crazy woman, 🙂 this is America. Chardonnay is also actually a stripper in Atlanta is very open about what she does for a living.

I thought I could at least get to the point where he gave me the benefit of the doubt. Any thoughts on being portrayed as a gold-digger on and then ending up with a guy who makes considerable bank on this show? So the question of the moment remains – Is Danger really crazy? There is a war against free thinkers.” The 22 year old Danger is now engaged to Nick Cannon’s younger brother and continues to work towards becoming a model/actress. People accused you of going on there just for the party. The six girls remaining on the show include Danger, Cocktail, Unique, Cashmere, Chardonnay, and Fiesty.

I thought it was going to make me more of an interesting character for people to watch. If I was really like that, I would come out in things that I say or my personality. Below are some highlights from her interview – How was your time on the show?