Start What does dating on the rebound mean

What does dating on the rebound mean

Like, okay, so you’re visiting from Macedonia and can’t speak English and have a tribal tattoo—yes, you’re approved, just don’t break anything.

But instead, I just shut my eyes and zombie walk into a new “relationship.” Anything to avoid being alone with my thoughts.

Of course, it’s not polite to use people as emotional airbags, but no one’s perfect.

And when I was with my ‘rebounds’ I forgot about my ex completely, which is a big deal.”The point is, we can all give ourselves a break for being sexually psychotic, post-breakup. Like, if I’m going to jump out of a burning building, I’d always prefer to land on an air mattress (with abs)—I’ll still probably end up crippled, but it will hurt a little less.

“He was following me around the party like a puppy,” she told me, “and then he started rubbing my leg under the table. I helped you with your math homework.’ In a better mind frame I probably wouldn’t have fucked him, but I was like, ‘Ya know what—whatever, let’s just do this whole fantasy thing.’ And it turned out to be a really fun, hot experience.” She had hit her sexual stride.

Case in point: my friend “Clara,” a 32-year-old civil rights lawyer.

Last summer, Clara split with her boyfriend of seven years, and a month later was “totally in love” with a socially awkward poet. “Yeah, that was 100 percent a rebound,” Clara sighed, as we scarfed down chicken wings in Brooklyn.

I was like, ‘Wait, I’m too basic for this.’ I was looking to have a fun sexual adventure, but this felt too contrived. I was like, ‘Ow, dude, this isn’t the olympics.’ ”Often, a rebound is about proving to ourselves that we’re not ugly and boring—that we’re still fun, and that people still want to have sex with us.