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Weirdo dating

Idea ~ Sci-Fi: USB port from human nervous system directly into Internet.

A light breeze blew from the northeast, a remnant of a storm that had dumped several inches of rain a few days earlier.

The men began combing through the effects, looking for clues.

Conant had paddled past my house, on the Hudson River a dozen miles above Manhattan, on Labor Day morning.

Receipts and other assorted documents bore notes and inscriptions, written in blue and black ink: If you allow poverty to hold you back, it means you have neither imagination nor will.

My neighbor, an adventurous spirit who once pedalled a bicycle from New York to Cocoa Beach, had spotted the unusual traveller in the water and waved him ashore.

Inside, Conant was sitting at the head of a table, facing down a kingly spread of caviar, sausage, doughnuts, and vodka, and holding forth for several guests.

This is as appealing as a guy shouting "want a root?