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Appel credited their survival in part to the veteran sailors in Hawaii who had warned them to prepare well for their journey."They said pack every square inch of your boat with food, and if you think you need a month, pack six months, because you have no idea what could possibly happen out there," Appel said. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

They drifted aimlessly and sent unanswered distress calls for 98 consecutive days.

They were thousands of miles in the wrong direction when a Taiwanese fishing vessel found them.

Appel and Fuiava had left Honolulu on May 3 aboard Appel's 50-foot vessel the Sea Nymph for what was supposed to be an 18-day trip to Tahiti.

Storms flooded the engine and damaged the mast and sails so badly, they couldn't generate enough wind power to stay on course.

The 2000 acre land and ocean reserve is a popular area for snorkeling, diving and hiking.

The area contains the remnants of important archaeological sites (villages, burials, and temples) and is also a habitat for rare and endangered species.

But the villagers were very interested in La Perouse’s ship and eager to trade.