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Wayne magnuson dating

The risk of a catheterized patient becoming infected with bacteremia (125).

endocarditis still occasionally occur with two of the highest risk groups including intravenous drug users and patients undergoing prosthetic valve surgery.

Skin and soft tissue infections are also unusual although rare cases of invasive cellulitis and necrotizing fasciitis have been reported (60).

In one hospital, almost 50% of hand cultures from staff were positive at the end of their working shift (113).

Factors such as debilitating clinical condition, lengthy ward-stay and frequent exposure to medical interventions, most likely act by necessitating increased frequency and intensity of direct contact with staff hands (111).

is credited with a long fanatical history dating back to antiquity, when, because of its ability to produce a red pigment it was described as having ‘masqueraded’ as blood (36).

Early in this century, this distinctive red pigmentation of are routinely isolated from bloodstream and wound sites using blood agar culture or from respiratory and urinary sites using selective culture methods.

Common selective agar cultures include Mac Conkey agar which categorizes spp were identified using the Analytical Profile Index (API) 20E (bio-Merieux) phenotypic microbial identification system (40).

With the widespread introduction of automated identification systems, laboratory identification of spp.

is rarely associated with primary invasive infection.

It operates as a true opportunist producing infection whenever it gains access to a suitably compromised host.

In keeping with its role as an agent of opportunistic infection, was traditionally associated with low intrinsic pathogenicity.