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After attending college she met her present and only husband in 1964.

She just won't go away, and nobody in power has the will to lock her up, hang her, or shoot her in the head, so we have to keep enduring this bitch, and her God-awful screeching. I think Swisher is a good journalist - she will ask hard questions Mossburg wow what a hack Most Interesting: HILLARY TALKING LIKE SHE IS STILL THE PARTY HEAD "I am working" on the party recovery SHE THINKS SHE IS STILL A PLAYER Q: why did you fuck that donkey in those bars in Juarez? and here they are politely listening to So basically she lost to Obama (twice), Sanders, Stein, and Trump? : D Seems the competition with Obama was none too gentle either, despite his laidback manner... I have one: One America News Network had their anchor calling on people to sign a White House petition on the Seth Rich investigation just last night.

I had this notion that coders and millenial computer weenies were reasonably smart, tough-minded, and larlegly immune to the siren song of the bullshit that ensnares so many of their age. Jollah was arrested 2 days later for unrelated charges, spent time in prison, then was immediately hired by the DNC upon his release. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED TO SETH RICH and JOHN ASHE....??

so far from Hillary Clinton, who previously blamed both Wikileaks and James Comey for losing the election, and who is speaking at Recode's Code Con conference (free for everyone, no need to shell out $250,000 this time), where Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg pick the brain of the 2016 presidential candidate, who also just uttered the following memorable line: "Q: why did u speak with Goldman? he wasn't going to leave any opportunity for her to win. Also he said to be sure and watch for their updated one-hour special to be airing again this weekend.