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Updating win zip

In simple terms there is no need to change your data folder and so you keep all the info and users data safe.

Last thing, make the root user a password, easily crackable of course like a bad word (don't really do this, but do make a password). Look for the path was installed My SQL Server C:\Program Files\My SQL\My SQL Server Start – All programs - My SQL – My SQL Server x.x - My SQL Instance Configuration Wizardb. Some times recognize the path where was installed My SQL Server, on this case clic on Next, if don’t recognize the path clic on Modify – Yes – Nextd.

Hope that saves somebody else some time.-Phil Citrus Motors If when you go to install again it can't start the service & it had asked you for the old root password, you need to delete the folder C:\Program Data\My SQLThis took me 3 hours to discover, its BS that no one seems to have pointed out this fact. Ubicarse en la ruta donde se instaló My SQL Server C:\Program Files\My SQL\My SQL Server Open the file and uncompress the files on the folder was installed My SQL Serverd. Next – Indicated the port for the My SQL Service and check Add firewall exception for this port – Nexte.

Leave the data folder path the same if you wantdatadir=C:/apache/mysql/data ordatadir=C:/apache/newversion/data if you want a new mysql without any data in it.

That way if the new version makes new issues for you (errors) just change the path back to the old version's folder.

just let iot use the mysql and test databases at first to get mysql5 running.10.

Set up your file for mysql 5 and just leave it in the mysql directory (none in %sysroot% any more I guess.11.

in mysql console: SOURCE "c:/your-file-path.txt";that should bring in your old user and password in the old format.17.