Start Updating to 708 on olpc

Updating to 708 on olpc

Kalamatianos (1): 3320 fix udev attribute names with a colon 3321 3322 3323Summary of changes from v104 to v105 3324============================================ 3325 3326A.

in sysname, add sysnum, return allocated list_entry on add 2321 delete 2322 test: move global ENV="test" to local rule 2323 libudev: monitor - fix send_device() property copying 2324 libudev: device - add get_envp() to construct envp from property list 2325 libudev: do not include ctrl in 2326 libudev: monitor - do not mangle DEVLINKS property 2327 libudev: update DEVLINKS property when properties are read 2328 libudev: device - lookup "subsystem" and "driver" only once 2329 libudev: device - export properties when values are set 2330 libudev: list - handle update of key with NULL value 2331 libudev: ctrl - fix typo in set_env() 2332 libudev: add global property list 2333 libudev: device - copy global properties, unset empty properties 2334 volume_id: btrfs - update magic to latest disk format 2335 udevd: use libudev 2336 move udev_device_db to libudev 2337 rename udev source files 2338 libudev: always add UDEV_LOG 2339 libudev: monitor - export MAJOR/MINOR only if available 2340 udev-node: name_list - udev_list 2342 delete name_list, move common file functions 2343 fix sorting of rules files 2344 run_program: prevent empty last argv entry 2345 update IMPORT= file/stdout property parsing 2346 update rules file parsing 2347 delete udev-util-file.c 2348 libudev: list - prepend udev_* to all functions 2349 libudev: add sysnum to test program 2350 test: fix a few unintentially wrongly written rules which cause parse errors 2351 libudev: monitor - add set_receive_buffer_size() 2352 libudev: ctrl - change magic to integer 2353 libudev: make list_node functions available 2354 udevd: use udev_list_node 2355 collect: use udev_list 2356 delete list.h 2357 merge udev-rules.c and udev-rules-parse.c 2358 make struct udev_rules opaque 2359 move run_program to util 2360 udev_event_run() - ENVP_SIZE 2373 add util_resolve_subsys_kernel() 2374 handle numerical owner/group string in lookup_user/group() 2375 replace in-memory rules array with match/action token list 2376 do not create temporary node ($tempnode) if node already exists 2377 shrink struct udev_event 2378 shrink struct udev_event 2379 rule_generator: fix netif NAME= value extraction regex 2380 skip SYMLINK rules for devices without a device node 2381 rules: let empty strings added to buffer always return offset 0 2382 fix uninitialized variable warnings 2383 cache uid/gid during rule parsing 2384 distinguish "match" from "assign" by (op add_syspath() 2440 volume_id: hpfs - read label and uuid 2441 use no_argument, required_argument, optional_argument in longopts 2442 libudev: get rid of selinux 2443 libudev: device - add get_parent_with_subsystem() 2444 usb_id: use libudev 2445 udevadm: info - fix --query=all for devices without a device node 2446 vol_id: add size= option 2447 move selinux noops to udev.h 2448 volume_id: add dbg() as noop to check for compile errors 2449 vol_id: fix logging glue 2450 vol_id: always use the safe string versions for unencoded label and uuid 2451 volume_id: better DDF raid detection 2452 volume_id: add btrfs 2453 volume_id: use PRIu64i, PRIx64 macros 2454 udevd: clarify deprecated sysfs layout warning 2455 libudev: fix --enable-debug 2456 don not print error if GOTO jumps just to next rule 2457 volume_id: add more vfat debugging information 2458 libudev: remove selinux 2459 store node name and symlinks into db symlink target if they are small enough 2460 volume_id: more fat debugging 2461 libudev: fix typo in "multiple entries in symlink" handling 2462 connect /sys and /dev with /sys/dev// 2463 replace spaces in dm and md name symlinks 2464 2465 2466Summary of changes from v128 to v129 2467============================================ 2468 2469Alan Jenkins (7): 2470 set non-zero exitcode if tests fail 2471 scsi_id: compiler warning on 32-bit 2472 trivial cleanup in udev_rules_iter 2473 avoid repeated scans for goto targets (udev_iter_find_label) 2474 replace strerror() usage with threadsafe "%m" format string 2475 fix messages (inc.

debug compile failure) introduced when optimizing "goto" 2476 allow compiler to check dbg() arguments on non-debug builds 2477 2478Kay Sievers (46): 2479 libudev: switch to "udev_device_get_parent" 2480 libudev: udev_device - add attribute cache 2481 libudev: handle "device" link as parent, handle "class" "block" as "subsystem" 2482 udevadm: info - fix lookup-by-name 2483 libudev: switch API from devpath to syspath 2484 libudev: rename ctrl_msg to ctrl_msg_wire 2485 vol_id: fix lib logging glue 2486 fix broken symlink resolving 2487 fix udevadm trigger 2488 libudev: pass udev_device in enumerate 2489 libudev: fix "subsystem" value 2490 always include config.h from Makefile 2491 libudev: udev_device_get_devname - udev_device_get_devnode 2492 libudev: add udev_device_new_from_devnum() 2493 libudev: also import "uevent" file when reading udev database 2494 libudev: add userdata pointer 2495 libudev: replace awkward callback list interfaces with list iterators 2496 libudev: get devnum from uevent file 2497 libudev: enumerate_get_devices_list - enumerate_get_list 2498 libudev: initialize selinux only when needed 2499 libudev: device - read database only when needed 2500 libudev: rework list handling 2501 libudev: more list rework 2502 lubudev: accept more sys directories as devices, and parent devices 2503 libudev: enumerate - accept list of subsystems to scan, or skip 2504 libudev: enumerate "subsystem" 2505 libudev: enumerate - scan /sys/block/ if needed 2506 libudev: enumerate - split new() and scan() 2507 test: replace ancient sysfs tree with recent one 2508 test: add missing pci directory because of .gitignore *.7 2509 gitignore: move *.8 to subdirs 2510 test: replace last reference of "/class/*" devpath 2511 fix dbg() callers 2512 libudev: enumerate - scan devices and subsystems, add subsystem and attribute filter 2513 udevadm: trigger: use libudev 2514 fix segfault caused by wrong pointer used in dbg() 2515 libudev: device_init() - 2520 libudev: enumerate - ignore regular files while scanning 2521 udevadm: trigger --type=failed - use libudev queue 2522 rules: ieee1394 - create both, by-id/scsi-* and by-id/ieee-* links 2523 build: include inc in all 2524 udevd: print warning if CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED is used 2525 2526 2527Summary of changes from v127 to v128 2528============================================ 2529 2530Alan Jenkins (8): 2531 fix uninitialized name_list error::ignore_error 2532 do not needlessly declare some local variables in udev_rules_parse.c as static 2533 remove deprecated envp[] in main() 2534 fix name compare bug name_list_key_add() 2535 remove redundant string copy in udev_rules_apply_format() 2536 remove redundant "remove trailing newlines" in udevadm info 2537 threadsafe rules iteration 2538 fix off-by-one in pass_env_to_socket() 2539 2540Kay Sievers (53): 2541 libudev: add monitor documentation 2542 libudev: fix --disable-log 2543 add --with-selinux 2544 volume_id: hfs - calculate proper uuid 2545 fix dangling pointer returned by attr_get_by_subsys_id() 2546 add --valgrind option 2547 libudev: add Libs.private 2548 volume_id: fail on undefined __BYTE_ORDER 2549 remove FAQ 2550 libudev: fix monitor documentation 2551 libudev: add udev_device_get_syspath() 2552 udev_device_init() remove statically allocated device support 2553 udevadm: info - fix broken --device-id-of-file= 2554 udevadm: control - use getopt_long() 2555 udevadm: print warning to stderr if udevadm is called by symlink 2556 remove left-over comment from --valgrind option 2557 udevadm: rename source files 2558 udevadm: rename internal functions to udevadm_* 2559 udevadm: split out control functions 2560 udevadm: move init from commands to udevadm 2561 add debug 2562 use libudev code, unify logging, pass udev context around everywhere 2563 volume_id: linux_raid - fix logic for volumes with size == 0 2564 vol_id: add --debug option 2565 udevadm: add --version --help options to man page, hide them as commands 2566 move udev_ctrl to libudev-private 2567 set udev_log="err" 2568 test-udev: cleanup libudev context and overridden rules file string 2569 test-udev: remove unused var 2570 add a bunch of private device properties to udev_device 2571 udevadm: monitor - use libudev for udev monitor 2572 libudev: monitor - add event properties to udev_device 2573 udevadm: log message if udevadm link is used 2574 udevd: remove max_childs_running logic 2575 libudev: monitor- add netlink uevent support 2576 udevadm: monitor - use libudev code to retrieve device data 2577 libudev: udev_device - read "driver" value 2578 libudev: rename enumerate function 2579 libudev: add selinux 2580 libudev: initialize selinux after logging 2581 volume_id: merge util.h in libvolume_id-private.h 2582 update file headers 2583 libudev: udev_device - add more properties 2584 libudev: do not use udev_db.c 2585 libudev: get rid of udev_sysfs.c 2586 libudev: get rid of udev_utils.c 2587 libudev: rename libudev-utils.c libudev-util.c 2588 libudev: do not use any udev source file 2589 extras: use libudev code 2590 convert to libudev and delete udev_utils_string.c 2591 get rid of udev_sysdeps.c 2592 use size definitions from libudev 2593 udevadm: info - use "udev_device" 2594 2595 2596Summary of changes from v126 to v127 2597============================================ 2598 2599Karel Zak (2): 2600 build-sys: don't duplicate file names 2601 build-sys: remove non-POSIX variable names 2602 2603Kay Sievers (26): 2604 add inotify dummy definitions if inotify is not available 2605 build: remove autopoint check 2606 udevadm: trigger - add missing attr filter to synthesized "subsystem" register events 2607 ignore duplicated rules file names 2608 fix .gitignore 2609 rules: delete all distro rules which do not use default rules 2610 rules: add nvram 2611 rules: add isdn rules 2612 rules: Gentoo update 2613 add missing includes 2614 add some warnings 2615 update .gitignore 2616 add missing 'v' for "make changelog" 2617 build: fix "make dist" 2618 vol_id: make the --offset= argument optional 2619 rules: optical drives - probe at last session offset, do not probe for raid 2620 libudev: add library to access udev information 2621 libudev: split source files 2622 update INSTALL 2623 libudev: add udev event monitor API 2624 volume_id: remove deprecated functions and bump major version 2625 volume_id: remove left-over fd close() 2626 split udev_device.c to leave out rules handling from libudev 2627 libudev: link against selinux if needed 2628 lookup lookup kernel provided firmware directory 2629 libudev: require LIBUDEV_I_KNOW_THE_API_IS_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE 2630 2631Michal Soltys (1): 2632 rules: fix md rules for partitioned devices 2633 2634 2635Summary of changes from v125 to v126 2636============================================ 2637 2638Kay Sievers (9): 2639 delete all Makefiles and move udev source to udev/ 2640 use autotools 2641 rules: mode 0660 for group "disk" 2642 rules: update Fedora rules 2643 update Change Log 2644 INSTALL: --enable-selinux not --with-selinux 2645 volume_id: move static lib to $prefix 2646 volume_id: create relative links 2647 rules: run vol_id on opticals only if media is found 2648 2649Marco d'Itri (1): 2650 rules: Debian update 2651 2652Thomas Koeller (1): 2653 use proper directory lib/lib64 for libvolume_id 2654 2655 2656Summary of changes from v124 to v125 2657============================================ 2658 2659John Huttley (1): 2660 rules: tape rules - add nst to usb and 1394 links 2661 2662Karl O.

= 0, if unknown option given 338 udev/udevadm-monitor.c: fixed misplaced brace 339 340Kay Sievers (33): 341 rules: apply 'audio' group of the static snd/ nodes 342 Makefile: add tar-sync 343 rules: static_node - use 0660 if group is given to get the cigar 344 use print() 345 make: use 'git tag' 346 rules: run input_id for main input devices too 347 update TODO 348 configure: add AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR, AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR 349 cdrom_id: add tray lock and eject handling 350 rules: enable in-kernel media-presence polling 351 update TODO 352 delete mobile-action-modeswitch which has moved to usb_modeswitch 353 libudev: enumerate - scan /sys/module 354 rules: move polling rule above 'block' match 355 libudev: monitor - update doc 356 rules: set polling value only if it is disabled 357 libudev: device - fix udev_device_get_tags_list_entry() to always load database 358 rules: remove redundant MODE="0664" from lp rules 359 rules: fix wrong wildcard match, we always need a ':*' at the end 360 libudev: device - export udev_device_has_tag() 361 path_id: add missing '-' to tape suffix 362 path_id: add ID_PATH_TAG= to be used in udev tags 363 enforce valid TAG = names 364 update TODO 365 libudev: device - add udev_device_has_tag() to libudev.h and gtk-doc 366 libudev: enumerate - add udev_enumerate_add_match_parent() 367 libudev: enumerate - include parent device itself with match_parent() 368 libudev: enumerate - clarify documentation 369 path_id: recognize ACPI parent devices 370 rules: input - call path_id for ACPI devices 371 udevadm: monitor - use uptime to match the kernel's timestamp 372 libudev: ctrl - move code to udev directory 373 update sd-daemon.[ch] 374 375Keshav P.

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