Start Updating clob in pl sql

Updating clob in pl sql

You have to hit it lots more then that to see the performance issue -- see the benchmark above.

When we do this, all the 8-bit characters become unreadable.

We have tried || to append and also dbms_lob.writeappend with the same result.

ahh, if you call dbms_lob.write* operations many times in succession -- yes.

Here is my benchmark -- i use runstats ( -- it measures more things.

Question: I have a table with a CLOB column (XMLTYPE datatype) and I want to know the best way to do an insert into this large object column.

So the SQL insert basically inserts a record with new XML, and a SQL updated replaces the old XML.

10 loop dbms_lob.write Append( l_clob, 32000, rpad( '*', 32000, '*' ) ); end loop; commit; end; / is an example? A clob is a lot like a file -- you can "seek" in it (dbms_lob.substr,, you can write to it (dbms_lob.write, writeappend) and so on.