Start Updating cells into vba

Updating cells into vba

Excel 5&7 have a very slow method of writing back to the sheet, so someone came up with a neat workaround. Suppose your function needs 5 parameters, 4 of which are set at the top of the sheet, and only one of which is set by the calling cell.

Index datato Find = Input Box("Demand Number To Progress") If datato Find = "" Then Exit Sub sheet Count = Active Workbook. Count If Is Error(CDbl(datato Find)) = False Then datato Find = CDbl(datato Find) For counter = 1 To sheet Count Sheets(counter). Since placing the order, I've had new information advising that this delivery date is not going to be met, so i now need to update this through the above mentioned 'Update Order' User Form containing the code above. "Due in from supplier 12-6-2013") and append my new information (i.e.

Activate 'defines the search to column A of the active sheet Set search Range = Active Sheet. Find(What:=datato Find, Look In:=xl Values, Look At _ :=xl Whole, Search Order:=xl Columns, Search Direction:=xl Next, Match Case:=False) If Not search Range Is Nothing Then 'test to see if the search is successful or not Worksheets("demands"). "Supplier advised new delivery date 20-6-2013") to it so that i end up with the cell in column 'V' containing the data from before and after the update i.e. Supplier advised new delivery date 20-6-2013" Is there a way this can be done??

When you click on the combox surname the rest of the userform is filled with data, the user has to the fill out the following info listing, payment method, amount.