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Frequently, men mistake “lust” or “infatuation at first sight” for love, only to have buyer’s remorse when the woman does not live up to their fantasies. Both men and women can experience love at first sight— it just might not be exactly what they expected.

I arrived first and climbed the steps of a church so I could keep my eyes out for her.

When I looked across the street the first person I laid eyes on was a very pretty lady in a green and white summer dress. When we sat down to eat she mentioned that she was a vegetarian.

By Robert Manni Although some argue against it, there are studies that show the phenomenon known as “love at first sight” is possible.

Partially because we are all connected at a spiritual level, it can be argued that people can actually “know” someone almost instantly, including if they are a good fit for them.

Remember, modern dating and relationships can be tricky, so heed the following relationship advice on taking additional steps to validate our initial reactions saves yourself from heartache later.

It’s no surprise that men are more visually stimulated than women when it comes to attraction.

Everywhere I went in the office I spread my little dark cloud.

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