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Still, I felt skeptical at her revelation."You did? "I thought there were no jobs out there for English majors with a bachelor's degree. I've only been here for eight weeks and you've been gone for half of that time.""I'll be back next week, if the project doesn't implode by then," Marina answered, laughing at my impatience.

However I have the temerity to suggest that Corby Hellenic away in late-January before breakfast borders Dante proportions. I don't remember any specific scores but I remember those boots and I remember playing in a team full of pure Earls Bartonians, an idyllic time before the invasion of charlatans from the nearby towns. They were there before girls, before how my hair looked became a priority, before hangovers or the typical quarter-life existential crisis and before I knew what ' Moby Dick' was really about. With my size 12 feet I no longer have the luxury of choosing boots, rather they choose me.

They are invariably those large, illuminous green Umbro boots in Sports Direct for an eternally reduced £18.

She went through what was deemed as a moderately rebellious teenager phase everywhere else and a full out unacceptable revolt where we grew up.

When she was fifteen, she started dating a guy who was eighteen and rode a motorcycle.

Everyone wanted to dribble a ball inside the house and imitate that Nike advert in the airport.

In 1998 I would have been entering my debut year with Earls Barton Football Club.

A fledgling career that would go on to last for Eight years.