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Ideally, a study examining the impact of intermediate nucleus integrity on human sleep would examine both simultaneously.

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Therefore, to examine the impact of intermediate nucleus integrity on human sleep requires a comparison of intermediate nucleus integrity post-mortem with measures of ante-mortem sleep architecture proximate to death.

Because time of death is unpredictable, this requires repeated measurements of sleep architecture in the same individuals to ensure that once death occurs, post-mortem intermediate nucleus integrity can be compared to a relatively recent measurement of sleep architecture.

In rodents, the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus is a galaninergic nucleus in the anterior hypothalamus that plays a critical role in maintaining sustained sleep (Sherin , 2000)—a pattern similar to that seen in ageing and Alzheimer’s disease—suggesting that cell loss in the human homologue of the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus may contribute to sleep fragmentation and loss in ageing and Alzheimer’s disease.

There is evidence that the galaninergic neurons of the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus are particularly important for sleep regulation. The human homologue of the rodent ventrolateral preoptic nucleus is uncertain.

Fragmented sleep is a common and troubling symptom in ageing and Alzheimer’s disease; however, its neurobiological basis in many patients is unknown.

In rodents, lesions of the hypothalamic ventrolateral preoptic nucleus cause fragmented sleep.

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