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Spot dating artifact top commentators closed

The telephone poll of 400 registered voters has a margin of error of /- 5 per cent.

His Somers coat of arms, copyrighted by his family, members of which still exist today, is exactly what is shown on Bermuda's St. Used with exclusive permission from the copyright owners. Places in the United Kingdom dedicated to his saintly name and history include St. George's Island, Cornwall, England and Ogbourne St. George's and in this Parish; Georgetown in the Cayman Islands, Georgetown of Guyana in South America and St. (It once provided the horse ferry as the only connection between St. The One Bermuda Alliance and the Progressive Labour Party is each claiming 42 per cent of the votes in the East End parish that has proved a decisive battleground in all recent elections, with 16 per cent of voters undecided.

New Yorker Decorative arts historian, author and lecturer, Derek Ostergard believes the architects for the house selected by Astor's first wife Helen Huntington Astor were N. In 1938, to repeat the success to him and his family of the private railway system he had built on his estate in the USA, Astor created on this his Bermuda property a 2ft gauge (narrow gauge) railway train with an initial 800 feet (later, another 600 feet) of his own track with 2 small purpose-built passenger carriages each seating four people and two luggage cars, run by a Baldwin locomotive - which also made the carriages - which carried him and his guests over the hill to his own private station - referred to as Astor's Siding - on the Bermuda Railway.

The Bermuda Railway system operated until 1948 when everything - engines, carriages, other rolling stock and equipment were sold to the Bermuda Government which resold and transported it to British Guiana, later Guyana).

The remains of what looks like one carriage and the engine was photographed by this author in 2003 (see photographs below), clearly in an appalling condition, rusted out for decades.