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Speed dating cleveland ohio

But it seems mental rehearsal can indeed help an athlete to fire up their muscles for optimal performance.

The use of imagery primes their muscles to perform correct technique and to execute appropriate actions in competition, but it also conditions their mind to think clearly about how they will react to certain pressures, situations and problems.

Consider it a ‘mental warm-up.’ This method is used regularly by many of the world’s best tennis players who are currently competing at the Australian Open.

But the science suggests you can use your mind to at least prime your muscles for growth and performance.

When he visualises scoring a goal, he can feel his foot hitting the ball, the smell of the grass under his foot and the sound of the crowd.

A true freshman running back, Dobbins totaled 181 rushing yards during the Buckeyes' season-opening victory over Indiana.

Dobbins is ready to become Ohio State's next superstar.

“You are creating the sights and sounds and smells, the atmosphere, the sensation, and the nerves, right down to the early morning wake-up call and that feeling in your stomach.