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You can also contact your household utility providers and see if you can change your accounts to joint accounts.

Documents generated by third parties that are addressed to you and your partner (these documents can be addressed to one of you only, although documents that are addressed to both you and your partner are stronger in terms of evidencing your relationship).

Examples include: These documents show that you and your partner live together,and also evidence how long you have been living together.

It is critical that you provide this type of evidence as it adds context, colour and life to your application.

These documents also demonstrate several factors which your case officer is required to take into consideration such as the ‘social aspect of your relationship’.

In my view, there is a difference between documents that are addressed to you both, and documents that are only addressed to one of you.

Again, the relevant consideration is whether your documents demonstrate that you are committed to each other, and that you have a shared life.

The below advice is very much my own opinion and is based on my own experience.