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'When you call 999, don't assume the person on the other end is sober,' she said.

We were reassuring them that help was on the way – but what we weren’t telling them was that it might still be hours away.

Patients who dial 999 are being assessed over Skype instead of being sent an ambulance, it has emerged.

Trials are under way across England to see if video consultations on smartphone apps could replace ambulances for thousands of 'lower priority' calls.

Dr Richard Vautrey, interim chairman of the British Medical Association's GP committee, said: 'You can't rely on it for making a physical examination. 'There's also sometimes technical difficulties, the broadband might fail, the connection takes longer.'You need to be that bit more cautious as it's only when seeing a patient face-to-face in the consulting room or at home that you can really do a proper physical examination.'Miss Frederick, who was employed by South Central between October 2015 and May this year, said: 'You can't do blood pressure via Skype, you can't do a heart rate via Skype.