Start Saveorupdate is not updating

Saveorupdate is not updating

primary key if saving a new object) Object merge(object)- object does not have to be attached to a hibernate session.

(Except for lifecycle objects, discussed later.) Hibernate users have requested a general purpose method that either saves a transient instance by generating a new identifier or update the persistent state associated with its current identifier. NHibernate distinguishes “new” (unsaved) instances from “existing” (saved or loaded in a previous session) instances by the value of their identifier (or version, or timestamp) property.

The // in the first session Cat cat = (Cat) first Session.

You can create an object, set Id, and other properties on your own, and save it without worrying about the Hibernate Session exception.

If you’re using save Or Update, the object saved MUST be attached to session. This means you can create a copy of object from Service layer and just pass the object to your DAO.

Country country=new Country(); Country Id(cid); ... Hibernate Or Update(entity) does not always commit... I have a Match entity Code: @Entity public class Match Filter { private int id; private ...

n Hibernate’s Save Or Update() repository function only works within a transaction!

Save Or Update(cat); // update existing state (cat has a non-null id) second Session.