Start Rules for dating a vegetarian

Rules for dating a vegetarian

But since he is a coward and feels he needs a gun to take down a deer he disgusts me. How To Talk To A Hunter: Personally, I've never had the extreme anger that some people in the animal movement have towards hunters. I've met too many of them who actually care about the environment and animals. But perhaps some of you might have ideas for comprimises?

I decided to go vegetarian when I walked into their garage and there was a deer carcass hanging from the ceiling, and, though I was already sensitive about animals and meat-eating, I think the sight of it was the reality-check I needed to push me that extra inch toward vegetarianism.

But hunting is part of his lifestyle, he's been participating in the sport since the age of 12 (though he has yet to actually catch something and he's 24 now). But the fact that he goes out, armed, with the *intention* of actually killing an animal makes me sad to the point of crying.

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Even if you don't bring up hunting directly, "I have trouble being open and intimate with him for a while afterward" is a real problem in your relationship and worth addressing one way or the other. Because if he experiences you as just laying a moral judgment over him, he'll get overly defensive and probably categorize it as an excess of your veg*nism, and will spend more time defending his way of life than on thinking about what you should do about the conflict in your relationship.

I don't think I could say it any better than sevenseas.

All that you can really do about that to make yourself feel better is to understand that it's what he's grown up with and into. You have no idea how good it feels to get a little support about this!

He has a choice about his actions, but he's living in a sick culture in which it is considered acceptable and natural to hunt. None of my friends and family understand and they all think that my asking him to stop would be inconsiderate, but there's nothing wrong in his asking me to be ok with his hunting.

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But I would like to mention that hunting is not a sport, shooting an animal that is completely defenseless and has nothing against you at all is not sport, it's murder.