Start Rookwood pottery dating system

Rookwood pottery dating system

Early pieces at the Pottery closely reflected the arts and crafts era in which the Pottery was operating.

The conclusion is that marks on ceramics don’t tell the entire story. One of the most popular books available is Kovels’ New Dictionary of Marks which can be purchased by following the link below. There are other books for the more advanced collector as shown below.

The interlaced double L’s were part of the cypher of Louis XV, although in practice, his cypher was flanked with an X and a V.

The Sèvres double L’s included a date letter with an A representing 1753. This is the most common mark copied by fakers then and now, but Sèvres did not introduce a true porcelain (hard paste) until 1773.

When the Pottery was first established, any woman who studied art at Newcomb College was allowed to sell wares that she had decorated, provided it was judged to be adequate for sale by the faculty at the school.