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Quotes from i kissed dating goodbye

He asks her to attend the debutante ball with him as friends, and she agrees.

When he tries to tell his mother the truth, she does not believe him.

He later confronts his father and accuses him of doing drugs, and his father (high on cocaine) punches him in the face.

In the finale he is the only main character who is still single.

Nate has aspirations for a future in politics, it was for this reason he took an interest in running The Spectator.

They plan to have sex but don't, as he tells Blair that he slept with Serena before they do it.

She decides to forgive him and they attend the Kiss on The Lips Party together.

In the finale, Nate on his way to Dan and Serena's wedding, tells a reporter his intentions of running for mayor of New York; to which he would be the youngest mayor in the city's history. Archibald, is a French socialite, and his father, Captain Archibald, is a former Navy captain and a wealthy banker.