Start Put a cork in it speed dating

Put a cork in it speed dating

For the greatest portraitists see: Best Portrait Artists.

The history of art is full of examples of interpretive content.

For example, Egyptian art is noted for its iconographic imagery, as are Byzantine panel paintings and pre-Renaissance frescos.

The website, Beautiful People, only allows people to join it if its existing members approve.

It has found that while Irish women are considered the most beautiful, their male counterparts do not do so well getting access.

BBC NI presenter Barra Best was quick to comment on the findings.

"Dead on, we're all stunners," he deadpanned in a tweet.

However, the tradition waned somewhat during the 19th century, under the dominant influences of Romanticism, Impressionism and to a lesser extent Expressionism, before reemerging in the 20th century, when Cubism and Surrealism exploited it to the full.