Start Project runway carol hannah and logan dating

Project runway carol hannah and logan dating

Over on the boys side, Nicolas makes an annoucement: "America, here I come!

Gordana Gehlhausen later appeared in Project Runway: All Stars in 2012, where she finished 11th out of 13.

People will love him, or hate him." We Say: A pudgy, hat-wearing loudmouth? Irina Shabayeva, 27 Tim Says: "Her models look as if they've been in for a dozen fittings, and they haven't." We Say: Translation: Her clothes are skintight. She'd do things to it." We Say: Uli in short shorts! Epperson, 50 Tim Says: "He is the most senior in terms of design career and reputation. Nicolas Putvinski, 27 Tim Says: "If you have such a bad taste in your mouth about American fashion, why are you here?

" We Say: Or, more to the point, Shirin Askari, 25 Tim Says: "She's young, she's pretty, she's articulate.

ANYWAY, familiar face Michael describes the challenge: find inspiration from a location around the world.

Was just disappointed that he didn't come back for All Stars yet!

It's OK if you don't, because Lifetime will explain it to you: It's a fun show that fat, heterosexual cops and women from the mall can watch together!

In fact, let's meet this new season's crop of female designers and their hilarious gay BFF's, shall we?

I'm not sure what is distinctive about her, other than the fact that she's good." We Say: Translation: "I can hardly remember her because she got auf'd immediately." Qristyl Frazier, 42 Tim Says: "Qristyl is a hoot. She's entertaining to watch." We Say: I have nothing to say -- I'm too transfixed by Qristyl's enormous bosom, which no doubt outdoes this season's models combined.