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Predating ru

Save the double entendres for the real date, just in case they’re not attuned to your brand of humor.

Saying, “We should get together sometime,” has the impact of “I don’t hate you,” and should be used only on neighbors and random strangers.

Be assertive and suggest a time and day to get the ball rolling and find out if the connection is real.

Having a question or comment ignored is discouraging, and will come off like you don’t respect their queries.

Prior to actually being in the same room as someone, drafting a long, thought-out message about any topic is tiresome.

When sent too much, they are meaningless and void of sentiment while oozing immaturity.

Texting is the perfect platform for helping a bond blossom.

All lingering questions aside, hooking up online means transitioning straight from messaging on the site to text messaging.

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