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Larger Murray cod increase in size more by weight than length — large specimens are broad across the head and shoulders and are heavily built.

Colouration of Murray cod in very turbid water however, tends to be washed out.

Some very large Murray cod have a speckled green-grey appearance.

SE Australia's current (as at May 2007) decade-long drought is a case in point of the sort of prolonged dry period which has figured in Australia's climate for millenia — on average a drought of this magnitude occurs about once every century or so — and is just the sort of event for which Murray cod have had to develop a survival strategy.

Murray cod reach sexual maturity at 4 to 6 years of age (most fish 5 years) and 2 to 3 kg in weight.

It should be noted that Murray cod are not just inhabitants of the lowland reaches of the Murray Darling Basin (MDB), as is commonly believed.

Murray cod had, and in some cases still do have, a significant presence in the upland reaches of the MDB.

At the time of European settlement Murray cod appear to have had an altitudinal limit of around 700 metres in the southern half of the MDB, and around 1000 metres in the northern half.

Murray cod prefer deep holes with cover in the form of large rocks, fallen trees, stumps, clay banks and overhanging vegetation. Diet (Top Predator) Murray cod have a varied diet of other fish, spiny freshwater crayfish, Yabbies, shrimp, freshwater mussels, frogs, water fowl, small mammals, tortoises and other reptiles.

Unfortunately, Cod have become locally extinct in many small tributaries in which they once abounded, particularly in upland reaches of the southern and central Murray Darling Basin, and the fish is rare in the majority of the rest of its original range.

Murray cod have been stocked into many water reservoirs throughout the Eastern states and are a popular fish for farm dams in warmer areas.

Extreme longevity is a survival strategy for many native fish and particularly Murray cod.