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Parker posey and keanu reeves dating

The norm is that as soon as you see Huppert onscreen, you have the idea that her character will overcome all obstacles.

It’s what made her so magnificent in Michael Haneke’s has echoes of in its opening scene.

If so, enjoy these video stills from my collection of guys tied up or bound in movies and TV shows.

by Philippe Djian and sees Huppert plays a rape victim who turns the tables on her rapist.

“As an actress, I felt like during the film she has the power and she directed me a lot, maybe more than other directors on other occasions.

She had this vision of this character being very open, and very light and instinctively, maybe my deep nature, would be to go for something darker, a little harsher.” that Huppert instills in her characters.

The actress is in nearly every scene of the movie and comments, “That’s why I was never bored watching it last night.” It’s hard to argue with the sentiment, because anyone who has seen many of her 100-plus roles, since her debut in 1971, will attest that she’s usually beguiling.

The magic of Huppert is that she seems to do so much by doing so little.

In another of her great roles this year, Huppert plays a woman who discovers there is life after separation in . Explaining, “A director is always a bit of a mother to an actress.