Start Outpost not updating

Outpost not updating

It seemed to hang for a while searching but once found, update installed quickly.

Sparring Arena: Random champion who will fight beside you for one minute, then when it leaves grant a buff based on the amount of kills.

Follower: Pitfighter Vaandaam or Bruto - Provoke Lumber Yard: A shredder on a 10 minute cooldown that does insane damage, has limited flying, and is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Both grant the ability to harvest resources from either boulders or vines, depending on the choice.

Arcane Sanctum: Summon a Guardian Orb which deals 9k to 14k damage to enemies within 15 yards of it for 30 seconds.

Is it just me puts http/https in front of the URL ????

I think the problem you are experiencing so far as the Is it Me? I took the URL it was trying to access put it into the address box of my browser IE11 and got this message: Note the more information: so I think Is it Me has hit the security barrier and not a website barrier. I see also that when you click on the Free Download button to actually get it, the Status Bar of IE11 says it's going to: https:// but when you click on the Windows query about what you want to do it says it is going to download from that cdn site so it could also be a question of redirecting that is triggering a block either in a browser or in some security/antimalware software or similar at your ISP? But since Is it Me flags it as down for me but I can get the downloads via MBM doesn't it sound more like that MBM is blocking what it regards as robots since the approach is not via their normal web page or their utility UI.

Follower: Glrin (Feign Death) Alliance, Penny Clobberbottom (Deterrence) Horde Well, this all depends on your class kinda.