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While the site explicitly prohibits escorts, it has received criticism for being a front for prostitution.

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Tell us what you think is North Carolina's MOST sexy city and why...

Enter your email address to receive instructions on how to create a new password.. Im new here, where are the best places to meet single women? Who are these people who prey on unsuspecting victims looking for a new partner? The con artist also be an orphan seeking legal help in the Netherlands in. Find a travel buddy with this popular online travel dating site.. Were 100 free for everything, meet Holland singles today.

Members are invited to browse through the thousands of profiles on the site, select a potential partner, and propose a trip to them.

Greensboro was named the least sexy city because members proposed it as a travel destination 170 times, and it was rejected every single time.

Greensboro may have just gained a new downtown grocery storeand hosted this year's ACC Basketball Tournament, but according to some, it is still lacking in one area: sexiness.