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The layout has new French doors opening to a sizeable 288 square foot covered porch overlooking the ocean.

His ships blockaded Chesapeake Bay, much to the consternation of Thomas Jefferson and others. His exploits are written about in full in the 2012 book "The Prince of Privateers.

He became renowned throughout Bermuda for his decency and humanity.

It was then quite different to all the other buildings on the street, as it did not have a veranda and also due to its plain architectural features, typical of the Georgian style, was argely wooden. Tucker, a merchant; in the late 19th century, its upper storeys were leased to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, which moved to Albuoys Point in 1933. In Bermuda, he fell in love with and married Mary Jones, daughter of Francis Jones, a prominent local merchant, councilor, militia general and frequently Bermuda's President (leading legislator, president of the legislative counsel).

Has remarkable mature grounds, this property is an ideal family home offering quaint touches of a traditional Bermuda cottage with contemporary improvements 15 minute drive to town via North Shore and walking distance to the Railway Trail, grocers and playground. built by Claude William Mc Callan and named as such partly because he was a "son of" Callan as the Scots name indicates.