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Nude cam to view me

You may have noticed we were offline for a few days.

I'm now out of pocket for the annual cost of 114 - (not to mention the monthly costs) Look if you can donate in any way - Please do so, anything received would be very much appreciated. See you soon - Anthony ;-) 6th November 2017 - 8 donations so far.

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I am also willing to guide ladies or couple to the areas I go. He introduced me to Bengt, Eskil and Caspian as he joined me in being completely naked. My first time was an accident and being young didn't realise what I can done until later.

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I earlier days I noticed that my brother would let himself be seen naked by leaving the bathroom or his bedroom door open and act busy doing something when we were alone.

It was so obvious that it wasn't an accident that I started to just walk in and talk about something. of my gf an i i was nervous and when she came into the room I was about to pull my pants down so i did the lights were on full lol i guess she saw if i was circumsised:) we then spent the in the tub with a candle on i was worried about if she thought I was small or if she... there will be a positive and negative reaction but it is what it is.

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