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Nick swisher dating history

He played 55 games before deciding to depart baseball to be with his family.

Over the past two seasons, he has hit .257/.288/.352 (79 OPS ), and been worth 2.1 wins than a replacement level player per’s numbers.

Not only did Johnson lose his third base job this season, he had fallen so far on the depth chart that he was essentially Atlanta's third-string first baseman, drawing starts at that position only because first baseman Freddie Freeman was hurt and utilityman Kelly Johnson was traded, and even then Johnon had to fight off Joey Terdoslavich for playing time.

Here’s how that works: Johnson will get approximately $9.5 million between now and the end of next season, but he is due to make another $9 million in 2017 and has a $1 million buyout on his option for '18.

In order to erase that $10 million from their 2017 tab, the Braves are taking on the $38.5 million Swisher and Bourn are due through the end of '16, after which both have vesting options pegged to plate appearances they’re extremely unlikely to get with Atlanta next season.

Bourn, who played 53 games for Atlanta in 2011 after being traded there at midseason, has managed to keep his head above replacement level thanks to his speed and defense, but that’s all he has to offer a team at this point, making him a fourth outfielder at best and one with little value as a platoon partner given his lack of a platoon split this season.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Braves release either or even both players before their contracts expire next season, so their 2017 options, which vest with 550 plate appearances next year, should be of little concern.

The duo isn't trying to make the Pinstripes' opening day roster, but is hoping to improve it from a coaching standpoint.

Rodriguez and Swisher will serve as guest instructors for the Yankees this month, according to multiple reports.

Bourn’s decline has been less dramatic, but it’s difficult to imagine him as anything more than a bench player for Atlanta. 15, 2013 was a sign of how dubious teams were about the free agent centerfielder’s ability to follow up his career-best '12 campaign heading into his age-30 season. Bourn posted nearly identical batting lines in his first two years in Cleveland, hitting .260/.315/.360 in 2013 and ’14 combined for a 91 OPS while seeing his stolen base numbers nosedive from an average of 51 per season at an 81% success rate from 2008-12 to 15 and 65%, respectively, since then.

A chronic hamstring injury further limited Bourn's contributions in 2014, and while he has stayed healthy this year and experienced a small rebound on the bases with 13 steals, his limited power has evaporated (only one of his 71 hits this season has gone for more than two bases) resulting in a .246/.313/.294 line and a 70 OPS .

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