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It was by selling the caps that I made an honest earning. No other money should be spent for covering the body of a sinner. By selling the copies of Quran I collected Rupees 305, which is also with Aya Beg. 7 I have not been able to pay the salaries of my soldiers and my personal servants for several months.

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I know for a fact your reading this, so I will let all of your know; I will only do a interview with the highest bidder.

The Emperor’s last will was recorded by Maulvi Hamid-ud Din in chapter 8 of his hand-written Persian book on the life of Aurangzeb. A Khoja (eunuch) is the only one present at some distance.

Scroll down for video A video showing a woman performing oral sex on a man inside a Florida courthouse before posting it on Twitter has prompted charges against two people.