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This article will be updated here from time to time as the story progresses.

She dreams of a brick home with toilets, instead of the outhouse near her family ger.

She aspires to live in a neighborhood with paved roads, replacing the dusty dirt road in summer and muddy road during the winter months.

Another character is a Russian truck driver who falls asleep at the wheel and drives off road, after waking up in the middle of nowhere he finds a corpse.

When he terrifically tells some natives he meets about the corpse, they say "Sure, our uncle, we buried him there!

After they lost their complete herd several years ago during an extreme cold winter (known locally as Dzud) they moved to the city in order to survive.

Erdene learned dancing, plays the violin, and graduated college a few years ago.

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Erdene lives with her husband and her seven year old boy in the ger districts of Ulaanbaatar.

She was raised in the countryside by a caring herder family.

I don't know when it was made, early 90ties the latest.