Start Men and dating strippers

Men and dating strippers

She interviewed the porn star Jenna Jameson for the site, 'and her publicist said, “If you’re ever in LA come to a movie set.”’ Breslin duly did. It was either that or hang out with gang members [Breslin had taught a course about gangs and drugs at an arts college in Illinois].

But the ones I’ve published are specific, self-indicting and complicated.

Letters from Johns was her first project, launched in 2008 after a conversation left her marvelling at how little she and her female friends really understood about the reasons men turn to the sex industry.

So she posted a request for an explanation on her blog, Reverse Cowgirl (one of Time magazine’s top 25 that year).

The letters kept coming and, for 12 months, she published what she received. 'And a need for intimacy.’ This is as true of the Johns, who repeatedly write about wanting 'the company as much as the sex’, as it is of the strip-club patrons. I’m a 24-year-old who wastes his days sitting at a computer reviewing spreadsheets that don’t really matter,’ says one of the latter.