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Matthew settle dating

He creates this exciting dynamic, a little love triangle. Right now, Rufus is trying to keep his daughter [Jenny] on the straight and narrow. On many teen shows, the kids are written as being smarter than their parents. [Settle’s father is a Baptist minister.] I was in a band for a while.

Matthew has one other daughter with actress Naama Nativ named Aven Angelica, 6.

’s fifth anniversary, then tapped him to make his Broadway debut as Roxie’s dashing lawyer. I went to theater school but never really got the chance to do theater, and it’s always been a dream of mine. What’s been the biggest challenge in learning the role of Billy Flynn? I’ve seen the show about six times, and I’m excited about bringing some depth to Billy. It’s going to be a departure from what I’ve been playing on television, for sure.

No matter what world you grow up in, you find similar dynamics.

How are the young actors on the show keeping their heads on straight? As much as the tabloids like to make them out to look like rock stars, they’re just normal kids.

Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle, the actors who played the on again, off again couple, have been seen canoodling across social media.

Their fictional counterparts didn't actually end up together at the end of the show, but they may have righted this egregious wrong in the real world. There's even an Instagram fan account documenting their relationship.

Well Matthew posted this special Valentine's Day message to Kelly: And of course there's the photo of the two of them up top.