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“Okay, Alex Kussler.” She was holding a clipboard and filling something out on it. She asked some boring questions like about how tall I was, what I weighed, if I’d ever had any health problems and junk like that. “Let’s go through the rest of these survey questions, then we’ll get you back to class. ” “No.” “If given the opportunity, would you like to see and/or touch a vagina? She went out and put the clipboard on her desk in the other room, then came back in and closed the door again.

She was only centimeters from my balls for God’s sake! Her body was fit, though she had somewhat wide hips and was what could be described as full-breasted. I’m not judging you.” She reached out and gave my arm a reassuring caress. There’s nothing you can say that I haven’t already heard before.” I nodded, even though I didn’t feel any more comfortable. “You can put those on after we’re done.” As I lay back down on the crinkly paper, I thought about Nurse Cady’s legs.

“Up on the table…there you go.” She inspected my knee while I sat hunched over with my arms crossed in my lap. “I’m going to need you to lie on your back for me.” She held my leg gingerly while I twisted and got flat on my back, all the while doing everything I could to cover my stupid, everlasting bulge. You seem to be moving with some difficulty.” “No, just my knee.” She continued to gently poke at the injured joint. “I just have to be sure.” Her hands moved higher up my thigh. “And from what I can see, you have nothing to be ashamed of.” I suddenly began to wonder if I’d dozed off in Algebra and was having a wet dream in the middle of class. I choked back a surprised gasp, but she had to know I was shocked by the way I tensed up. You can relax.” “It was only my knee that got messed up.” “I need to be thorough. That’s when I decided to take a closer look at her. “Don’t get all worked up, it’s a standard survey to assess teen risk factors. I don’t know...maybe once or twice a week.” “Oh, okay, then.” “Why? “Of course, boys tend to cut the number in half because they’re embarrassed, so that means for you it’s more like four times a week. “You appear to have a healthy erection.” I felt her lift my penis. “Look to your left, please, Alex.” One of her fingers traced down my shaft. Even though I was as embarrassed as humanly possible, it still felt kind of good.

The more I tried to make it go down, the more Michelle’s gorgeous ass made it even harder. “I need you to rest your arms at your sides.” “Oh.... ” Nurse Cady’s voice was patient, but also a little amused. She just smiled that strange little smile of hers and went back to feeling up my leg. You don’t want me to miss something and get into trouble, do you? I was also acutely aware that her face was hovering just above my hard dick. “I like that.” She straightened up and removed the stethoscope from her ears. I’d guess Nurse Cady was somewhere in her mid-thirties. This is just between us, your parents won’t know about anything you tell me here, so you can be honest.” “Like doctor-patient confidentiality? So, no sex for Alex…yet.” She marked something on the form. Do you experience spontaneous erections at inappropriate times? “I’ll mark that one with a big ol’ yes.” I wanted to cover myself again, but I knew that would only draw more attention to it. And, of course, we only remember an average of about fifteen percent of our dreams, which puts you at about twenty-five or so erotic dreams a week. ” Her tone was the same as my mother’s when she knows I’m lying. Now all I had to do was not jizz all over the place.

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This woman was clearly doing and saying things to me that would get her into big trouble, but I wasn’t about to complain. “We have orgasms, but we don’t ejaculate the same as you.

Some women express more lubricating fluid when they orgasm, and a few will actually squirt, but it’s not like the delicious cum that shoots out of your cock when you orgasm.” “Uh, did you say delicious? I love the flavor of a man’s ejaculate.” Nurse Cady wasn’t so much stroking me anymore as much as she was massaging my shaft.

“Come help Alex to the nurse’s office.” Michelle met her assignment with a roll of her eyes.