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(Not to mention, you don’t want your former feelings following you around forever once you’ve started crushing on someone else.) Instead of blabbering about him to everyone, just keep it between a few good friends — but feel free to gush to them all you want! Flirting The first phase of any flirting is eye contact, whether you’re twelve or twenty. If he’s giving you sidelong glances, he’s into you, but he’s trying to play it cool.

So unless you are seriously opposed to women asking men on dates, take a deep breath and make the call. “If you’re a girl, and you’re brave and confident enough to ask a guy out, I say GO FOR IT! Mention that you’re dying to see the latest Jessica Alba flick. A simple text saying you’ll look for him that night says it all. Bump (yes, literally) into him before lunch and say you’re running out to grab a bagel. Either he’s going blind (in which case you’ll have to rely on your melodic voice and passionate conversational skills to win him over), or, more likely, he’s “just not that into you.” Harsh, but you don’t want to waste your flirting finesse on someone who’s not interested.

It’s not like you’re asking him to spend the rest of his life with you. And if you’re super nervous about letting him know you’re into him, ask him to come hang out with a few people. ” — Lindsay, 14 “I used to wait for guys to make the first move, but now I’ve found it’s better to just do it myself so I won’t have to sit around waiting and playing games.” — Lyndie, 17 “[The issue of] asking guys out is one of those things that makes me an embarrassment to the feminist movement. Here are a few telltale signs that it’s time to move on: He blows you off on a regular basis.

I skipped the party since I didn’t have a date and went to a movie with my mom. I just wish he wouldn’t have led me on if he liked someone else.” — Cassie, 17 Clandestine Crushing Part of the fun of crushing on someone is talking about it, but remember to be discreet and refrain from posting all your feelings on My Space.