Start Live random video chat with seniors

Live random video chat with seniors

But there's nothing simple about them to an older person going through this experience.

For your personal safety, do not ask for or give out your last name, address, phone number, email address, passwords or any of your Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, etc information to any person in this chat room.

The kind of seizure an older person may have depends on where the electrical disturbance takes place and how much of the brain is affected.

It’s one of those things that’s hard to explain unless you’ve seen VSee in action.

I like how E27’s Joanna Yeo says it in her recent VSee article: VSee…Is Vidyo really the next big thing in video conferencing?

Sometimes partial seizures spread to involve the whole brain, causing a convulsion or a fall.

When this happens as a regular part of a person's seizure pattern, the special feeling produced by the partial seizure acts as a warning.

The person slumps in his seat or falls to the ground, unconscious. After a minute or two the jerking movements slow down and the seizure ends naturally.