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She yawned, stretching, which somehow I found sexy, "I'm exhausted." "Let's go to bed," I nodded, wanting to cuddle. As her pussy got wet, I slid a finger inside her and she moaned, even as her eyes remained closed.

"I asked her if she ever considered trying out for the cheerleading team. I mean our 18 a couple weeks earlier our parents gave us a huge party." "Yes, where you had fifty friends and I had three," I pointed out, recalling how much I resented her that day, as she made the party all about her.

Before she could answer, her mom knocked on her door and said her grandma was on the phone. "I didn't notice," she replied, her tone not rude, but rather reflecting. "I'll notice from now on," she promised, as I wiggled my finger inside her ass.

"Oh fuck," she whimpered, "so close, big brother." I shook my head sideways while keeping my mouth on her clit and in a few seconds she screamed, "Yes, fuck! "Actually, how in the world did she end up in your bimbo posse? "I'll ignore that derogatory shot," she said, even as she yawned again. I closed my eyes and pondered how the evening had gone from blackmail to willing and from aggressive to intimate. She too had insecurities, she just hid them under her bitchy persona. I turned over and saw Samantha sleeping beside me, her pretty face facing me. I moved my hand under her pajamas, under her panties and moved to her pussy.

I don't fail." "Except to resist my big dick," I quipped.

She moved herself up slightly so she could control the blow job. "That's it, sis, suck on your new daily breakfast," I groaned, after a couple of minutes of slow sucking. "At least rub my pussy a bit while I tell the story," she said.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, as her hand went under her pajamas. "Okay, but don't you dare come," I threatened, moving my hand to her hot box.

"Oh yes," she moaned louder, her body trembling slightly. " I asked, as I swirled my tongue around her swollen clit, continuing to tease. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," she babbled, her orgasm clearly imminent. That said, I knew from years of living with Samantha that she was not a morning person.