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“But, studies do support the idea that sex does correlate to happiness in the marriage.” Risso goes on to share that many in the field of human sexuality would state that sex within a marriage allows for a couple to create deeper intimacy by connecting on an emotional and sexual level.

“If the relationship is decent [though], I don’t see why not wanting sex could be anything other than an indication of a problem,” Paul says; as wife, Lori adds, “I would think it is a sign that there is some problem, personally or relational.” Lori shares that even though sex is one of the several aspects of a marriage, when you start seeing all the other areas like communication, couple time, and overall touch and other intimate attributes starting to slide, sex is not far behind.

It builds a sense of being a couple.” What happens when one wants sex, but the other doesn’t?

Paul discloses the ugly side and says, “Anger, resentment, and arguments are common.

“If neither wants sex, which is rare, they may be okay,” Paul says.

“[But] it will not be the same as a marriage with sex, [though] it could be happy.

If the one who wants sex can get past not having it, a similar relationship is possible.

But getting past that is very difficult because it feels like a personal slight.” “If you had a choice, would you? “It feels amazingly good and it builds a unique kind of intimacy.” While many studies have been conducted around the impact sex plays in a marriage, in likeness, Risso says though sex may not be applicable to all marriages.

A lot of my friends and family ask why I’m still with [my husband] Scott, but that’s because of my vow and promise to the church.