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Joseph fiennes dating

Reading some plays was a real chance for me to catch up on the horrendous schooling I had". His father, Mark, is a photographer; his mother, Jini - who died in 1993 - was a writer and artist.

My character is an all-American kid who changes identity and comes back to wreak revenge and to get the girl.

One is a director [Martha, who directed Ralph in Eugene Onegin], one a composer [Magnus], Sophie's a producer, but Jacob, my twin, is a gamekeeper." Joseph left school at 16, initially to study art, but after a year he moved to London, got work backstage at the National Theatre (where Ralph was already appearing), and began acting in various youth theatres, gaining himself an agent and then a place at Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

From there, he progressed to stints with the RSC and in various West End productions.

His Will Shakespeare has all of his brother Ralph's intensity, but is tempered and leavened with a kind of febrile, edgy intelligence and no small amount of comic bite.

It's this impassioned energy that's been missing in Fiennes's earlier film appearances.

And what if this experience feeds into the play he's writing, to make it the tragedy of doomed love we all know?

It has the potential to be disastrous, heinous even.

"Working backstage as a teenager made me realise there's not much glamour in this profession - just lots of hard work.