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It is located just a few paces of Paratamanak Road a few metres from the corner of Soi 4. The bar has no welcome staff, nor open sign, but if the neon sign is on and it is between 6pm and 2am then it is open.

Club Tropicana never opened and the venue is now a Chinese restaurant.

The owners are Andr from Limburg province in Belgium, who lives in Thailand for 22 years, and Mai from Buriram, his wife of 18 years.

Apart from an ample a la carte choice, they also have a daily special, such as tomato soup-chicken-ice cream at 240 baht. On occasion they offer original Belgian witloof (chicory in good old English, endive in American) or Dutch maatjes (young immature raw herring; the Wikipedia definition soused herring is rather misleading).

In typical coyote style, the girls are in charge of the customers experience.

If a good looking young customer comes in, the girls fall over themselves to oblige. On the positive side, the girls are a very attractive bunch with not an oldie in sight.

All major sporting events will be shown on our 3 lcd screens and to stand out from the crowd we have a 10 foot long hdi projector with all the surround etc , giving out an awesome experience.

The venue was previously Viper Club, and before that, Sapphire Lodge.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at [email protected] Latest Reviews Bar 4 is a pleasant beer bar in attractive surroundings located in what has become known as The Beverley Hills of Pattaya. The toilets are inside now, left of the bar counter, which has been extended to the right.