Start Invalidating life insurance

Invalidating life insurance

whether you use it for social use, business use or commuting.

This practice, known as fronting, is another form of insurance fraud and is illegal.

Bear in mind that the cover is only third party too, so if there’s an accident any damage to your car won’t be covered.

If you’re teaching a learner how to drive in your car it’s best to get them added as a named driver or to take out provisional drivers’ insurance separate to your policy.

Most features added to the car after manufacture are deemed as modifications, from engine upgrades to paintwork and stickers.

If you fail to declare any modifications on your insurance application, your cover will not be valid.

There are many variables that affect the cost of your car insurance cover, including your age, driving experience, address and your claims and convictions history.

You’re legally required to disclose all of these facts to your insurer, so don’t be tempted to lie in an attempt to reduce the cost of your cover.

Your insurance is unlikely to pay out for any loss in this case, so you could find yourself having to replace your car from your own savings.