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Hmong dating wisconsin

After 1994, Hmong refugee admissions slowed to a trickle as most of the Thai camps were by now empty, with the remaining Hmong repatriated to Laos.

I’ve been fortunate that my family has been so accepting of my relationship choices.

I know it couldn’t have been easy on the girl I dated in high school. I am no longer that bitter teenager of eleven years ago.

I was a recent high school graduate when I wrote this and still pretty young and had yet to explore life. We were discussing race and discrimination in a class when my teacher called on me and asked had I ever dealt with discrimination and also asked what it was like being in a interracial relationship.

She once told me that her parents would not accept me, because I wasn’t Hmong. I knew the road of love was rough, but I never knew I wouldn’t be good enough. No matter who you date, you should always be willing to let them know the whole you and what makes you who you are and that person should be willing to accept you.

Many Hmong had worked with pro-American anti-Communist forces during the conflicts in Vietnam and Laos.

As a result, they were subject to violence and retribution in Laos.

Most Hmong -- about eight million -- still live in southwestern China.