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German dating rules

“We are indeed an open political economy, but we are not naive.” More defence companies manufacturing or developing "key technologies" are also covered than under previous rules.

"In the future, reporting requirements and more time to examine deals will provide more protection and reciprocity for companies in critical infrastructure." The new rules extend takeover probes to include companies providing services or software to strategic sectors including electricity grids, nuclear power plants, water supplies, telecoms networks, hospitals and airports.

“We know that there is critical infrastructure that is attractive to investors,” Economy Ministry State Secretary Matthias Machnig told the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Angela Merkel's cabinet agreed on Wednesday to tighten scrutiny on takeovers of companies in strategic industries by buyers outside the EU, the Economy Ministry said, reacting to Europe-wide disquiet over Chinese takeovers.

New regulations will allow Berlin more time to probe takeover bids, especially in sectors affecting critical infrastructure, and extend the range of deals eligible for examination by the authorities.

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