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Gaydatingsuccess net

A lot of advice you’ll find online about Internet dating will tell you that a carefully crafted profile is the key to cracking the code when it comes to finding a date or a gay partner online.

It’s no secret that it appears that most gay fiction is read by straight women Josh Lanyon, one of the M/M fiction gurus and leaders, has his own views and you can read about them here And this was a great article that appeared on the Heroes and Heartbreakers Romance blog site.

So the opportunity to appeal to gay men and try and attract them to this genre was a definite YES.

We write stories about gay men in relationships, some driven by angst and torment, some by sheer lust, some by emotional need and others just because they are tarts and like to put another notch on the belt.

That old saying about first impressions being powerful really is true!

The same goes for the information that you put in your profile.

They go to work, they go to dinner, they have sex, make love, argue, make up, visit family, have hobbies – they are simply people going about their lives the best way they know how.

So if you’re enticed by this whole M/M Romance thing, why not give it a try and see how you like it?

Make a physical list with a pen and paper, or type it up and print it out.